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If you are trying to be an influencer through Instagram, Facebook, and other channels, it is very good to try.

If you are trying to pay your bills through them, there is one thing you need to do. It is to run your own blog. You can get many ‘Like’ and ‘Reply’ to your Instagram Posting, but actually, not many people visit your affiliate links. We found that only less than 10 people visited a designated link through a cosmetic product review and the Instagram account was more than 10K. All the followers had to copy the link, open a new chrome browser from their mobile phone, and paste the link. It’s so inconvenient. The result is similar to use the link tree. You definitely need to expose more of your precious content to other people. That is to say, bringing more traffic is also important.

There are several hurdles to run your own blog. Webhosting costs, buying a domain, installing WordPress, learning how to make a blog, and buying some themes and plugins are not easy. It costs money, time, and energy.

So we prepared a Free Blog for those who want to spread your Content worldwide. What you have to do is to Register and to make Your Own Content. Grab this chance when this is free and let others search your valuable postings. Moreover, the more people visit this site through many content makers (authors), the more people can find your posting.

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