We decided to provide a FREE BLOG for those who want to enlarge their INFLUENCE.

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Hi there!

We are posting this article to give you new and informative suggestions.

It is about the operation of your own blog, and those who run the blog directly do not need to read this email.

I asked many Instagram Influencers for product reviews, and as I was working on an Affiliate relationship, I learned the strengths and weaknesses of Instagram.
The downside is that most Beauty Influencers’ inflow through the Instagram account is less than expected. Not enough visitors!
There are many ‘like’ and ‘comment’, but the actual visit rarely occurs, even if there are many followers.

This is okay if you want just reviews. But if you are interested in any affiliate activities, you need something more.

1. Reasons to start your own blog.

-You need to bring more traffic.
You need more traffic through Google search, and even if you have 10k followers on Instagram, there aren’t many people who are actually exposed because the feed is shown mainly by people who have a relationship with the person who visits/likes/comments the account according to the Instagram algorism.

-It is not difficult to write. Just copy your Instagram postings and images and paste them to your blog. It’s too simple to start like this. You can study Google SEO-related content later and reflect on it when writing a post.

-It’s to expand your influence.

2. We provide a FREE BLOG for you.

-To operate a blog by yourself, there are several things to deal with such as web hosting fee, domain purchase fee, WordPress installation, theme/plug- purchasing, learning how to use, and making a blog. There are many economic/temporal hurdles to overcome.

-We have made this site to solve all of this.

-You can have your own blog address, and you can post any articles you want without any limits(only the image/video capacity is limited). Also, you can make any affiliate links to your postings.


3. Visit the site and Register now!




Here is the video on how to register this site and use it.

Watch the video!